The ENCATC Fellowship is a special gratitude biannual award and is being proposed in response to network’s twenty-fifth anniversary. ENCATC established the Fellowship Award in order to give public recognition and reward an individual, group of people, or an institution that has demonstrated a significant (and consistent) contribution to the field of cultural management and/or cultural policy over a longer period of time. It is also an instrument for ENCATC to continue playing its role of one of the most engaged actors in our society.

The Fellowship Award is in line with ENCATC’s mission, its multidisciplinary approach, values (sustainability, resilience, engagement, tolerance and dialogue, interaction and participation, and lifelong learning) and principles (inclusion, promotion of values and ethics in education and research, European and international networking and cooperation, and cross pollination).

The ENCATC Board regulates the frequency, procedure, and conditions of the Fellowship Award.

The goal of the Fellowship Award is to stimulate and recognise outstanding achievement in developing and maintaining an innovative yet consistent approach and commitment to positive change and to value remarkable and visionary leadership, creativity, and results in education, research, policy, and advocacy in the cultural management and/or cultural policy fields.

The Fellowship Award has a European scope, and the Award ceremony is held on a biannual basis.