ENCATC presents this Fellowship Award to honor those who are committed to reconfiguration and development of democracy in the public domain, policies and institutions through cultural management and/or cultural policy. The Award recognizes achievements of individuals, groups of people and organizations that:

  • demonstrate transformational leadership in cultural management and/or cultural policy education
  • demonstrate innovative and creative contribution to research in cultural management and/or cultural policy field
  • invest advocacy efforts that affect cultural management and/or cultural policy landscape
  • create a meaningful contribution to the reconfiguration and development of cultural policy that is recognizable on European level.


The laureate receives a certificate and a piece of art made by an artist.

Candidate Requirements

Individual candidates and groups of people must be resident of and working in one of the European countries.*
Institutional candidates must have a legal entity in one of the European countries.
Applications not fulfilling all of these criteria will not be put forward for judging.
* List of countries in European in available online:


ENCATC invites its members to nominate individuals, groups of people, or institutions as candidates for Fellowship Award, who can also be NON-ENCATC members that align with the ENCATC mission, its multidisciplinary approach, values, and principles.
No more than one proposal per member will be considered.
ENCATC Secretariat checks eligibility criteria. Nominations which fulfil all eligibility criteria will be forwarded to the ENCATC Panel for Fellowship Award.
Self-nomination is not permitted.

Entry Submission and Documentation

The nomination will open on May 16th 2019 and conclude on 30 June 2019 at 23:00 GMT.

All nominations should be submitted using the dedicated form on the ENCATC website.

Both nominations and the accompanying documentation must be submitted in English only. The nominating institution or individual must provide the following information and documentation to the online application form

  • Nomination form stating the name of the nominee, contact information, short reasoning for the nomination, description of the areas of expertise/specialty and clear rationale for the ENCATC Panel for Fellowship Award to consider as to why this individual/group of people/institution warrants this gratitude Award
  • Current resume or curriculum vitae of the nominee
  • A list of programmes / projects / publications and all other relevant data
  • Fulfilled and signed Conflict of Interest Form
  • Letter of nomination signed by the nominating officer/body
  • Name of the nominating institution and officer/body, with the corresponding contact data (postal and e-mail address, plus landline and cell phone numbers)

The nominating organisations/institutions must provide assurances that they do not possess any relationship with the nominee that might be deemed to be prejudicial by fulfilled and signed Conflict of Interest Form.

ENCATC will send an e-mail to the nominator confirming the acceptance of the entry and facilitating a registration number which should be quoted in all subsequent correspondence.

If the documentation furnished is incomplete or contains correctable errors, ENCATC will notify the nominator to this effect, granting a non-extendible term of thirty calendar days in which to rectify the flaws detected, so the entry may be accepted for consideration.

ENCATC undertakes to preserve the confidentiality of all documentation received and will in no event provide itemized or individual information on the nominations received or on the deliberations of the award committees. ENCATC will publish only the names of those persons or institutions that have nominated a winning candidate.

Selection Process

The ENCATC Panel for Fellowship Award will review each application for Fellowship Award comprised of nine members.

According to the proposal of the ENCATC Panel for Fellowship Award, the ENCATC Board will grant the ENCATC Fellowship Award.

The ENCATC Panel for the Fellowship Award is an interdisciplinary group of representatives of international organisations and experts.

The Panel shall be appointed and discharged by the ENCATC Board by majority vote of all of its members. The assessment Panel will act for one Fellowship Award. A member can be appointed a maximum of one additional period (max of 2 Fellowship Award).

The ENCATC Secretariat shall collect the nominations, check eligibility criteria, and distribute all eligible nomination to the ENCATC Panel for Fellowship Award members at the beginning of their work. 

Academics, researchers, a trainers, cultural managers or operators, an artists, a policy makers, representatives from a public administration are eligible to submit an application. The CV of the eligible candidate should clearly prove at least 5-years of experience as member of a selection body.

Following the deadline for the submission of nominations, the ENCATC Secretariat will send all eligible nominations to each member of Panel, along with the received nominations forms and all additional documents.

The Panel shall individually read the nominations and then rank these privately in accordance with the award criteria for selecting the best candidate for the Fellowship Award. No new additions to the listing can be considered following the vote. Each member of the Panel shall send his/her votes to the Chair of the Panel.

Following collection of the votes by the Chair of the Panel, he/she shall then collate the results and then announce the best three applications for the discussion by the Panel.

The Panel will select the laureate after a discussion by majority vote. In the case of a deadlock of votes, then if required, further information can be collected and a new assessment and voting round will be organised. If after a third voting round, there is no majority, the Chair of the Panel will employ a casting vote. In the event of a dispute in the Panel that is unsuccessfully resolved, the Chair of the Panel shall provide a full and detailed report to the ENCATC Board for arbitration.

Once the Panel appraisal is completed, the Chair of the Panel will inform the ENCATC Board with the Panel decision and ask for the Board to ratify it by majority vote of all of its members.

Once the appraisal is ratified, the President of the Board shall notify the chosen individuals / groups of people / institutions.

If the winning nomination does not accept the Award, it will be offered to the nomination that came in the second place. In case of a tie, the Chair’s vote shall decide.

The meetings of the Panel are confidential. There will be no external communication about the judgments.

The panel’s decisions will in no event be open to appeal, including the decision to leave the award vacant.

The composition of the panel and the contents of the award certificate with the jury’s citation will be publicly disclosed through the ENCATC website and social media channels.

Assessment Criteria

The selection process of the finalist will start on 1 July 2019 and will end on 15 August 2019.

Award criteria will be used as criteria for selecting the best candidate. The ENCATC Panel for Fellowship Award will review all eligible applications based on the following criteria for Fellowship Award.

Candidates must demonstrate over a longer period of work in education, research and advocacy in the cultural management and/or cultural policy fields. 

Criteria weighting as shown for a total of 100

  • 20 = Evidence of core cultural management / cultural policy teaching, research as well as advocacy activities interest in cultural development through the promoting main ENCATC values and principles. 
  • 20 = Evidence of excellence in previous cultural management and/or cultural policy activities (programmes, projects, trainings, research, publications, prizes, policy documents, etc.).
  • 20 = Record of accomplishment in the international cooperation in the cultural management and/or cultural policy field.
  • 20 = Implementation of teaching, research and/or advocacy work that is internationally recognised. 

20 = Recognition for previous teaching, research and advocacy work, which has made an impact on a specific community (cultural, artistic, and/or social).

Award Decisions and Presentation Ceremony

The laureate will be announced on 5 September 2019.

The Award will be presented at a formal ceremony to be held on 2 October during the ENCATC Congress on Cultural Management and Policy from 2-5 October 2019 in Dijon, France!

The laureate must agree to attend the presentation ceremony. In the case of awards going to teams, these will be represented by no more than 3 other members.

If an award goes to a legal person, it must furnish the Following documents after being notified of the award decision:

  • A copy of bylaws
  • A copy of its tax identification number
  • A statement from the pertinent governing body of the organisation or institution confirming its acceptance of the award.


The fact of participating in the present edition of the ENCATC Fellowship Award signifies the acceptance of its conditions and award decisions, and renunciation of any claim in their respect on the part of both nominator and nominees.

When accepting the Award, the laureate must commit to personally attend the Award ceremony and give the closing keynote at the ENCATC Congress as well as in the activities and events organised by ENCATC during the days prior and after the Award ceremony.